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Torghatten, mountain with a hole
marked hike to the top of Skogfjellet
Velfjord provides sufficient opportunities for great experiences. At the foot of Lomsdal-Visten National Park, near Børgefjell National Park and the coast of Helgeland, there is much to do. In summertime as well as in wintertime.

Here you can make a canoe trip, you can catch a trout or if you're lucky a salmon. Here you can see a moose passing at dusk and you can see a beaver working on his lodge (see PDF with watermap). Here you can swim in our lake and overlook a fjord during a hike (see PDF with overview). Here you can see the northern lights in the winter and enjoy the long bright days in the summer.

The pictures on this page and the links on the 'links to more info' page give an impression of the many possibilities.

We gladly give you advice on the possibilities for activities in the area. And if you want, we can offer guided tours.

nearast DNT-trail is the Ødegårdsløype

in the hole of Torghatten

Velfjord open air museum

take your skies with you

see the northern light from your cottage

 come with us on a guided snowshoe adventure

break near the Gravfjorden

Nevernes Harbour

evening trip with our wooden boat

wait for some reindeer

our amazing bevers are always active

meet the moose

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