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Velfjord lies in Helgeland
everything on the 'Helgeland' coast

we are near the national tourist route 'Helgelandskysten'

read all about the longest of all national tourist routes

Velfjord is situated in Northern Norway
visit this page to find everything about it

the national park we look at every day
find some informasjon about this beautiful park surrounded by fjords

nice overview of how to enjoy our nature
get inspired to get out

the national park towards Sweden known for its actic foxes
some hiking possibilities on this page

ferry boats connecting most places and islands along the coast
plan your trip to e.g. Vega her

this famous ferry company stops only 35 km from us
plan your epic trip along the coast of Norway here

travel planner for Northern Norway
tickets routes and timetables

17 different museums
the nearast museum is in Hommelstø 8km

Nevernes Harbour
center for coastal culture in Helgeland

trip planning tool of Helgeland (in norwegian)
summer and winter trips in our national parks (Lomsdal-Visten and Børgefjell) and all the other parts of magnificent Helgeland

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